Cecilia Land, LCSW-R

 Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist


Psychotherapy and Art Therapy with Adults

Art therapy is a modality that can be used when words do not easily come to mind to express thoughts and feelings. Through art, words can be formulated to help articulate the problem or bring you more in contact with the problem, raise awareness and help you to start to think of it in new or different way.

Psychotherapy and 
Art Therapy
with Adolescents

Adolescents are often coping with leaving childhood behind and forming their identities as young adults. Art therapy and psychotherapy can help ease anxiety about this fragile but also exciting stage of life.

               Art and Play Therapy with Children

Play Therapy is a way for children to express their problems in a non-threatening method. Play is the language of children and through play children can express what they need to, while the therapist helps to relieve bad or shameful feelings about problems.  
In addition - parents can begin to understand what their children are experiencing. With this knowledge, parents can then begin to learn how to refine the skills they already have to help their children

Bereavement and Loss

I can help with losses children and adolescents suffer, such as divorce, separations, if a parent is incarcerated, or when a parent or other significant person in their life has passed away.